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There are TWO "Songwriter Of The Year" Winners

Wendy Wood Daniel Bartulovich
Country/Australiana: Do You Want Love With That
Comedy/Novelty/Childrens: Trick or Treat
Folk/Singer Songwriter: A Little Chorus To Say
Rock: Let It Out
Wendy Wood, receiving Songwriter Of The Year award, flanked by sponsor Rico Soto, fron the Oxygen Music Group, and Chris Stafford, Songwriter Of The Year 2012.
Daniel Bartulovich, receiving Songwriter Of The Year award.
Thank you so much to our sponsors who have doubled their prize donations!
Each recipient of the Songwriter Of The Year won two categories of The Song Comp, and are both worthy recipients of this ultimate award.
(Click the photos for larger size).

  1. Love Me Tonight - Christie Lamb/Skip Black/Paulo Prudencio
  2. Love Like We Won't Survive - Michael Fatkin
  3. Stay A Little Longer - Daniel Bartulovich
  4. Punch Me In The Heart - Natasha Duarte
  5. All I Wanted - Daniel Bartulovich
Christie Lamb, receiving Pop Song Of The Year award, on behalf of Skip Black, Paulo Prudencio and herself, presented by sponsor, Lindsay Rimes of Songrimes studio.
Christie shows her award, in front of the Songsalive! Australia banner.
Award prizes:

  1. Do You Want Love With That? - Wendy Wood
  2. A Man Like You - Cathy Dobson
  3. Go To Hell With You - Cathy Dobson
  4. Oldest Roadies On the Earth - Brian Ralston
  5. Joboticaba Moonshine - Stephen Kermode
Wendy Wood receives the first of two category awards for the night: Country/Australiana, presented by sponsor, Roger Corbett of Valley Studios.
A consistently strong song competition entrant, Wendy's songs have also been covered by country artists.
Award prizes:

  1. Fromelles, Where The Wild Flowers Grow - Robert Pearce
  2. Porcelain Doll - Mandi Gaston
  3. Saints & Sinners - John Walsh
  4. Son Of The Sea - Robert Pearce
  5. Matchbox - Kay Bell
Robert Pearce (right) being congratulated by sponsors, Rob Stevens (obscured) from Turramurra Music, and Andrew Snow from Pittwater Pharmacy.
Here they are again. Rob, happy to be in the picture, finally.
Award prizes:

  1. Let It Out - Daniel Bartulovich
  2. Manhunt - Christie Lamb/Jonathan English/Bill DiLuigi/Dustin James
  3. Every Single Wall - Brendan Horn
  4. When You're Free - Adrian Elton
  5. The End - Khamal Sarkis
Daniel Bartulovich (centre) flanked by sponsors, Frank Dibellis from Bava's Music and Rob Stevens, again.
Daniel Bartulovich (centre) flanked by sponsors from Bava's Music and Rob Stevens, again. Turramurra Music provided five Zoom H2 digital recorders for category winners, and we're very pleased that CEO Rob could be at the awards to present them.
Award prizes:

  1. Looking For You - Lola Brinton
  2. You Don't Need Wings To Fly - Danny Hooper
  3. In You I'm Found - Scott McCahon/Emma Linnegar/Luke Sheppard
  4. Joyful Christmas - Lindsay Hamminga
  5. For Our Children - Kay Bell / Jim Shipstone
A totally surprised Loloa Brinton is congratulated by Esther Volstad from sponsor, Shout Music.
Here is a more composed Lola Brinton, in the company of the sponsors of the Spiritual/Religious category, Nick Bava, of Bava's Music Centre, Rob Stevens fropm Turramurra Music (hi Rob), and Esther Volstad from Shout Music Publishing.
Award prizes:

  1. Trick or Treat - Wendy Wood
  2. Mind Your Back - Stefan Sojka
  3. Oldest Roadies On The Earth - Brian Ralston
  4. Midlife Crisis - Brian Ralston
  5. She's Got The Balls - Mason Clark
Wendy Wood, up for her 2nd award, this time for Childrens/Comedey/Novelty.
Left, Sue Duchesne, from Song Central, a TSC sponsor, with category winner, Wendy Wood.
Award prizes:

  1. Because It's Love - Emily Dwyer
The finalists, in random order:
Award prizes:
Emily Dwyer, winner of The Parramatta Prize, presented by sponsor, Lea Goodrem.
Emily entertained the audience with two of her original songs.
Award prizes:

  1. A Little Chorus To Say - Daniel Bartulovich
  2. Some Kind of Habit - Gretta Ziller
  3. Just You And Me - Lindsay Hamminga
  4. The Tide - Rebecca Moore
  5. Mix Tape - Abbey Gardner
Daniel, being presented with the award for Folk/Singer Songwriter, by sponsor and judge, Stewart Peters
Daniel thanks the sponsors and says he's "stoked".
Award prizes:

  1. Alice - Lucy Neville
  2. Because It's Love - Emily Dwyer
  3. Apple Tree - Abbey Gardner
  4. You And I - Madeleine Seddon
  5. Punch Me In The Heart - Natasha Duarte
Lucy Neville, holding her award for winning the Youth category of The Song Comp, with sponsors, Marcelo Garibotto from Origami Studios, Roger Corbett of Valley Studios, and Nick Bava of Bava's Music Centre (Liverpool).
Hear more of Lucy's songs here.
Award prizes:

  1. Apple Tree - Abbey Gardner
  2. High And Dry - Gavin Atkins
  3. Play My Guitar - Anita Lenzo
  4. Colour In The World - Lucy Neville
  5. My Friend - Kelly Winning
Abbey Gardner is presented with the award for winning the Bare Bones category, by judge and sponsor, Simon Johnson, from Hillbilly Hut Studios.
Right photo: A delighted Abbey Gardner with Simon Johnson. Abbey also won a category of the Tamworth Songwriters Association songwriting competition, this year.
Award prizes:

  1. A Thousand Times - Danielle Deckard
  2. Because It's Love - Emily Dwyer
  3. a:  Forget About Me - Helmut Uhlmann
    b:  Go To Hell With You - Cathy Dobson
    c:  All I Wanted - Daniel Bartulovich
  4. What Is There? - Sarah Bird
  5. Andrew Wisniewski - Blown Away
Danielle couldn't be at the awards night. Here is photo of her CD cover.
And another photo of the more recent CD.
Award prizes:

  1. To Be Free - Riley Pearce
  2. Hells Half Acre - Gretta Ziller
  3. We Are Fools - Riley Pearce
  4. Fierce - Riley Pearce
  5. Little Caesar - Jim Baynes
Riley couldn't be at the awards night, as he was in the States at the time. here is a pic of him.
Another promo shot of Riley.
Award prizes:

Publishing Contract with Old Pants/New Pants Publishing (U.S.)

  • Lola Brinton - "Looking For You"
Lola Brinton, once again pleasantly surprised at having her song chosen by Old Pants/New Pants publishing. here she is with Songsalive! Australia Vice President, Stephen Kiely.
Lola made a lovely speech

2012 Songwriter Of The Year, Chris Stafford, addresses the audience, engaging them with tales of how vastly his life has improved, since becoming the inugural recipient of the award.
Chris then presents the first Songwriter Of The Year 2013 award to Wendy Wood
Chris presents the second Songwriter Of The Year 2013 award to Daniel Bartulovich.
Photos are taken of everyone. Congratulations!
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